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& User Guide

User Guide

  1. Only insert the cartridge neck side up when you’re ready to use.

  2. When you have inserted the cartridge neck side up and tightened the cartridge holder, never try to undo the cartridge holder without first fully discharging the cartridge.

  3. After inflation, squeeze the trigger and fully discharge the remaining CO2 and then, remove the cartridge. You can re-insert the cartridge neck side down to carry.

  4. Avoid leaving a partially full cartridge in the pump. This can quickly result in head and trigger seal damage.

  5. When using the bracket, mount the pump upright. This will help keep contaminants out of the pump.

  6. Use only CO2 cartridges that are specifically designed for use with CO2 bike pumps.

  7. Technical Assistance: Email:

  8. Only use the Ezi Bike Pump for the purpose intended!

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