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Please note: The guarantee is only available on purchases through Amazon with verification of your Amazon Order Number (ID). 
We recommend that you purchase the Ezi Bike Pump through Amazon (United States) only. If you find the Ezi Bike Pump sold elsewhere, it is without authorization of the parent company, Your Lifestyle Limited and voids the guarantee. Under no circumstances is permission granted for the resale of the the Ezi Bike Pump. Affiliate links are accepted.

Your Ezi Bike Pump base model has been tested over a 15 year period. For this reason we are confident you will get years of reliability. After all, if you're stuck on the side of the road having to pump your tire, you want a pump that works. Not a guarantee!
We accept that there can be times when something goes wrong and we want to put it right.
Sooooo, your Ezi Bike Pump comes with a Lifetime Refund or Replacement Guarantee.
This means if your Ezi Bike Pump has a manufacturing fault or defect we will refund the purchase price or send you a replacement.
As faults are rare, it is important that we find out exactly what went wrong so we can learn how to fix it. Please bear with us if we request photos of the defective pump and possible courier return to us. If we request a return, we will refund the confirmed freight cost to you once we have established the fault or defect is due to manufacturing.

If you feel there is another reason for the fault, please let us know.
In the first instance email: . Please ensure you provide a valid email address that works. We respond to every customer query.

You must include your Amazon Order Number (ID) in your communications.

Safe cycling!

Your Lifestyle Limited

Note: The guarantee does not cover loss of use or damage (whether intentional or accidental), neglect, incorrect use, incorrect storage or initial freight costs. The guarantee is not transferable and is only available to the original purchaser. The guarantee does not cover the 16g CO2 cartridge or the availability or suitability of 16g CO2 cartridges. The guarantee excludes the mounting bracket, rubber dust cap and commercial use. Tampering with or altering the pump or using CO2 cartridges that are not specifically designed for use with CO2 bike pumps will void the guarantee. The guarantee is void if you purchased through a reseller (Amazon US is the only outlet authorized to sell the Ezi Bike Pump).


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