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Photo of me and friends

I was a late starter into cycling. No great sporting background. Tried archery, squash and running before at the age of 33, encouraged by a friend riding to work, I took up road cycling. ​


My first of what would be many bikes, was an alloy frame road bike equipped with a Shimano Sora 8 speed group-set. I was in heaven and completely hooked. I decided to get really serious and get myself a training program for an entry to an 80 mile cycling event. ​


I think nothing of it now, but at the time my knees grew weak at the sound of riding that distance. Have I really done this? Event day came and went and I did ok. ​


I wouldn’t say I became obsessed… ok, maybe a little. I had to get a lighter, faster bike. I had to get more disciplined about my training. I’m now progressing in leaps and bounds. Time trials, short road races and criteriums seemed to be my strength. I allowed myself to dream a dream. Could this be the start of a pro career?

Well….no. Wrong shape, wrong genetics and too much of a liking for custard doughnuts.

However, the bug had taken hold and over the next 23 years I’ve held an unrelenting passion where every social ride’s an adventure and its own project of achievement. A time for fitness, laughs and good times with friends.

Not raced for many years now but still like quick road rides where I get my butt kicked in summer before we transition to mtb’s in winter and head to remote regions.


So as any dedicated cyclist will know, over years you accumulate cycling stuff. Lots of cycling stuff. You tend to store it up with the idea you will use it some day. It wasn’t until I had to make some room in the garage for business equipment that I made the hard decision to part with some of my bounty. I took two car-loads to the local bike shop for donations to schools. The good cause did go some way to easing my separation anxiety.

Helen and Steve loving the outdoors

Anyway, over years you come across the odd really good product. Stuff that makes that bike ride just a bit easier. As such, I’ll occasionally write about them. Might add to your enjoyment of the sport too.

Safe riding!


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